Who We Are

Dr. Aamer Khan

Dr Aamer Khan is a leading expert in cosmetic treatments,  since graduating from The University of Birmingham in 1986 Dr. Khan has amassed knowledge in areas as diverse as Human Psychology, Psychiatry, Surgery and Dermatology in 2004 he became a full-time cosmetic doctor with his own clinic, The Harley Street Skin Clinic.

His passion for Menopause and Midlife Treatments led to him studying Bio-Identical Hormones as an option for traditional HRT offering women a smoother journey through their menopause.

In 2018 Dr Khan was awarded the Healthcare and Rehab Award for his services to military veterans who have suffered life-changing injuries and treats them free of charge, he also set up his charity ‘Back on Track’ to support these war veterans.

Medical council number 3128431
48 Harley St London W1G 9PU


Sue Moxley

Sue Moxley is one of the country’s leading Beauty & Health Experts, she was Beauty Editor for the Sun Newspaper, Choice Magazine and other leading titles and has her own Aesthetic Clinic and Training School in Essex and Norfolk.

After a very challenging menopause herself decided to study hormones and is now an Accredited Hormone Specialist.

She said ‘we decided to open this clinic to help women on their journey with Menopause, it can be baffling, confusing and stressful to get the correct treatment! We provide a service where each patient is treated for their own individual needs not a one size fits all.

Sue writes a regular page for Menopause Life Magazine and has her own show on Women’s Radio Station Called The Menopause Show.

Sue Moxley

Amanda Hamilton, Independent Nutritionist

Amanda Hamilton offers one of the UK’s leading approaches to holistic, results-focused nutritional therapy for women. With more than 21 years of experience, she has been labelled in the press as one of the UK’s top “Super-Nutritionists” able to truly impact long-lasting change in health and wellbeing. Together with her in-house research dietician, she is committed to an evidenced-based scientific approach that’s both practical and personal. She has authored four nutrition books, the latest of which was an Amazon number-one bestseller. In addition to nutrition, she has a wealth of experience in tailoring fasting and intermittent fasting to the needs of women. As an international-level sports competitor and Pilates teacher, her programmes often include movement protocols to support overall results.

“Finally, I have achieved my goal of losing (just under) 2 stone – but I’ve GAINED so much more! I have truly broken out of the diet mentality once and for all. Amanda has helped me understand how my midlife body works and all the adjustments I need to make for this phase of life. Truly life-changing! Lucy Barclay, 49

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Amanda Hamilton

Mary Griffin

Mary Griffin is an experienced MBACP psychotherapist, certified clinical hypnotherapist & relationship & psychosexual therapist. Mary has an established private practice in West London & works with the prestigious Harley Street Skin Clinic & their acclaimed veterans’ charity, Back on Track. She has worked with Anxiety UK & Cruse Bereavement and Samaritans as a counsellor.

Mary brings to the team her expertise in anxiety conditions, loss, addiction, trauma & psychosexual & relationships & life coaching. Her hypnotherapy sessions have successfully addressed areas of self-esteem, sleep hygiene, negative thinking & self-sabotaging behaviours. Her personal passion for midlife emotional well-being has led her to develop for our clinic the Menopause Mental Reset Program. This unique therapeutic coaching approach establishes the client’s journey of mental well-being & identifies resources to achieve the established goals.

Registered Member 387792
Registered Member HYP16-03396
National Hypnotherapy Society

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Marva Williams

Marva is Certified Menopause Coach and Corporate trainer and an award-winning skincare formulator specialising in the holistic relationship of healing through natural formulations.

The area of specialism grew out of many years of developing self-care and well-being products for clinical practice, targeting specific issues, from women’s concerns to pre- and post-operative skincare solutions for traumatized skin

Following hospitalisation in 2019 due to near-fatal complications from menopause Marva founded Shhh… Menopause Wellness, a skincare and wellbeing brand  and offered her expertise in  menopause education to bring awareness in the public sector and corporate environments to help women in the workplace.

Marva Williams