Ultimate Cream




As we age and most specifically during the hormonal changes that take place during the various stages of menopause, we lose estrogen which plays a big role in the health of our skin, including the production of collagen which keeps it looking firm and plump.

Our exclusively formulated Oestradiol Ultimate Face Cream has been prepared at our compounding pharmacy and contains Oestradiol – a steroid hormone which works with a combination of anti-oxidant ingredients to help re-boots skin cell renewal, bringing back the lustre and youthful glow to skin.

Using Oestriadiol as part of your regular skincare routine will reduce the depth of wrinkles too: the hyaluronic acid naturally present in skin cells will grab the estrogen and help to hold on to it, allowing it to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, while its anti-inflammatory properties will soothe sensitive skin.

Added vitamin A and C increases the rate of wound healing including acne scarring and reducing dark spots while vitamin E guards against harmful UV damage.

Apply at night to clean dry skin and wear a good level of sun protection during the day.

This transdermal product will not interfere with any hormone treatment you may be taking and is safe to use.

One month’s supply is £99.

Before prescribing our skin doctor will need you to answer a few simple questions, either complete the consultation online or give our friendly team a call on 07860272747


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