No.3 – RELAX




Hands up if a good night’s sleep is like a distant cherished memory? That 3am wakeup call making you feel like you have the energy of a gazelle? Or the ability to unwind and switch off and fall asleep appearing to have eluded your body? And let’s not even get started on the anxiety that decides to show up in midlife.

The ingredients in the relax blend and 100% natural and made up of natural anxiolytics and sedatives to bring about a state of calm and unwind. Using lavender, oat flowering tops and quinoa as the main ingredients, this tea is best enjoyed at the end of the day but works equally well during the day at times of heightened stress. The smell of this blend is as important as the ingredients to heighten all senses and induce a sense of calm.

Will this knock you out for 12 hours? Sorry ladies, I make great tea but I’m not a miracle worker! The reviews on this blend from customers who have tried it suggest an immediate effect of calming feeling and some have commented on improved sleep.

Why Mother Cuppa?

Mother Cuppa is not like the herbal tea you buy on your supermarket shelf. Mother Cuppa starts by searching for an ingredient to support a particular pain point women in midlife find. We then conduct thorough research looking into the scientific facts backing up the purpose of the ingredient. Sometimes this means putting more than one ingredient together to create a more powerful blend.
Candice uses whole ingredients as close to its original source as possible to ensure maximum benefits are added to each infusion.

The Wellness Collection

  • A tea for every step of the day.
  • Scientifically backed ingredients supporting women in midlife
  • Keeping your hormones in balance.
  • 100% Caffeine free.
  • 100% natural medicinal plants & herbs.
  • 100% recyclable, compostable & biodegradable.


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