Menopause Emotional Reset Program

Midlife Emotional Wellbeing 

Our approach is to support you in self-discovery and to help you to truly value yourself and your experiences of life to empower you to rewrite your relationship with your menopause and engage in a fulfilling and happy midlife.

Menopause Emotional Reset Program 

This is our exclusive therapeutic & coaching approach, a great way to re-engage with yourself and gain an emotional reset to achieve your midlife goals. This approach looks at all aspects of your emotional well-being identifying key challenges e.g mood, self-esteem, your sexual self, work, body image etc and giving you a clear plan to make changes to embrace midlife.

Step 1

Self Reflection Questionnaire (30mins)

This is completed in advance of the Midlife MOT and will create a snapshot of your emotional self & behaviours to provide an initial view of the challenges you want to explore & tackle.

Step 2

Midlife MOT (50mins)

This is the exploratory session to discuss the challenges identified in your snapshot and explore why these issues exist and the changes you would like to achieve to

Step 3

Reset Roadmap  (50mins) 

This therapeutic & coaching session establishes the way forward and the goals to support your identified journey of mental well-being & life goals.  You will be able to create your own Reset Roadmap & Resource Plan to make change happen.

Step 4

Menopause Emotional Reset Mini MOT  (optional) (50mins)  

Continue your progress and fine-tune any emotional areas that you have found to need more support & celebrate in your milestones.

Also available:

Individual Therapy Sessions (50mins)

Work on your emotional well-being and healing by identifying the psychological root cause of your issue and learning to use coping mechanisms to reduce emotional difficulties & change behaviours e.g. stress, depression, anxiety etc.

Couples Relationship Reset Sessions (60mins)

Review and re-engage as a couple to explore areas of communication, emotional needs and intimacy.  Challenge the status quo and rediscover your relationship.

Hypnotherapy Sessions (50mins)

Embrace hypnotherapy to change or reduce problematic behaviours such as phobias, anxiety disorders, addictive behaviours, sleep & pain management.

Silva Method Mind Control (50mins)

Learn Silva Method of self-help meditation to address sleep, tension headaches, let go of negativity to reset & achieve goals with increased motivation.


Menopause Emotional Reset Program £499

Menopause Emotional Reset Mini MOT (50mins)  £180

Individual Therapy Sessions (50mins) £160

Couples Relationship Reset Sessions (60mins) £190

Hypnotherapy Sessions (50mins) £180

Silva Method Mind Control (50mins) £180