Menopause isn’t an ending it’s a new beginning!

Rediscover yourself with individualised Bio-Identical Hormones Here at Harley Street Menopause Midlife clinics we specialise in treating a variety of hormonal imbalances, all of which you can access from the comfort of your own home, our patients will achieve the best possible personalised treatment plan with bespoke hormones to get you back to feeling your best possible self!

If you are struggling with your weight or finding Menopause is affecting your mental health or sex life we have got together with the best specialists possible to help you navigate your way through.

Our nutritionist will set your diet plans and exercise goals whatever your fitness level  and our councillor will help you to start living your life again, if you are having difficulties with your sex life or libido we have something or someone to help you.

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What Our Patients Are Saying…

After being prescribed a bespoke prescription from the Harley Street Menopause Midlife clinic I have noticed a huge change in myself, above all else are my energy levels and zest for life, I am doing more now than in my twenties. I’ve also noticed my skin is better and my joints are not aching my husband is a lot happier too !! I feel Fantastic 

Thank you 


I was suffering with very bad joint pains in my legs and back and it was really impacting on my life and also my work, some days it was really hard getting out of bed, at the same time I would spend hours awake at night I was very down. I had a consultation at Harley Street Menopause and Midlife clinics and took some tests I was given a personalised prescription and after just two weeks on Bio-Identical Hormones I feel so different, my pain has gone I am sleeping better and I have so much more energy it’s amazing!

Simone Myers

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